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The perfect casino online, the holy gambling grail, does it exist, is there such a place that can give you everything you want? Well, that depends, what do you want? Free games, online welcome bonuses, easy wins, the secret to unlocking roulette? To be fair to the online casinos they are pretty much perfect, the trick is finding one that suits your needs and we are going to help you through the process, which really won’t take that much time at all.

Online Casino – How the perfect tools and ingredients come together to create the best new online casino for you.


1 gambler/ player

1 casino

800 games (you can use a mix of slots, roulette or blackjack)

1 welcome bonus

7 weekly promotion rewards

1 VIP membership

Mix all products into a bowl, leave for a few good hours and remove gambler when smelling rich!

If only that simple, well it is, to begin we have you, you need to know what you are looking to play, if still unsure what are you most interested in, just money? Money and games? Just games and fun? Well if you’re not too sure at this stage don’t worry, casino games don’t require registration to test them out in fact the internet is full of free spin games and demos, they just won’t pay out real money, but they are good to practice on and find the games that suit your approach to gambling. In no time you have also picked up some favourites, keep a mental note of these because we’ll come back to those later.

Whilst you decide what you want from a casino it may be worth knowing what you should be getting from an online casino.

For blackjack fans head over to

Playing in a safe environment – Online casino security is often not thought about, good job we mentioned it.

When looking for an online casino UK players can join, one must take a careful approach, very much like David Attenborough skulking through the vegetation of some forest, trying not to be eaten alive.

Here on the planes of the internet, wild casinos roam across the lands in their thousands, old and young seek new members to join their pack, but some are not so welcoming. Amongst the slots, frauds hide, looking to fool new members in with not so ‘reel-deals’. Learn more about the pitfalls here,

Okay it’s not as dramatic as that, but the principle is very much the same. To catch out the fakes you must look on the casino site and find the licensed regulated approval of the casino. Failing to find any information about a gambling commission approving their site would be cause for concern, concern that can take other forms…

Safe and secure measures online – Looking at the payment and encryption of an online casino before registering.

We know this might sound dull because who wants to read about payments, so to liven things up we are going to write to following details here.

Weird huh, okay so payments are important, firstly your details are stored online and could be accessible, so what measures are put in place to secure your private details?

The key thing to look out for is something called SSL, this is a digital encryption tool that is the latest product on the market for coding security, if your casino doesn’t have SSL software ask them what they use and research the answer.

But don’t worry too much, you might not even get that far.

Not all casinos all take your type of banking service.

We left the space for dramatic effect, but it’s true, casinos use a selection of services for money paid in and can use another set of services to pay out, researching this won’t leave you waiting weeks for a resolve. Read here to learn more

< Back over there now.

Games, lots and lots of online slots – UK players, have you decided what online casino games you’re after?

Told you we’d come back to this. If you had your fill of practicing free games online and are now ready to play for the big real money jackpots then just look at all the wonders that now face you.

You obviously have slots, they speak for themselves with what they are and how they play, but they are diverse in nature, games come with 3D Animation, bonus levels, titles from blockbuster movies and iconic musicians, a good casino should carry with it great games developers. Note the following developers that are leading the industry in to a casino paradise and turning people into millionaires.

NetEnt, Microgaming, Blueprint, Playtech, iSoftBet, Play’n GO, SG Gaming, Leander Games and Rabcat to name a very small selection. These are the people behind some of the most played titles on the internet, making such games as Mega Fortune, Mega Moolah, Rainbow Riches, Game of Thrones, Jurassic park, Arabian Nights, Titanic, and this is just the very tip of the iceberg!

The games more familiar to ‘casino’ surroundings are the table and card games, roulette, blackjack and poker are common place here, but forget the notion of playing computerised versions, here online, when you register, you get to immerse yourself in live casino games. You and a few dozen other players all trying to win the jackpot and seduce the hostess dealing the game. More jackpot details reside here at

Lastly we have Casino bonuses – There’s online casino free bonus, no deposit promotions, offers for new members!

With rights reserved, though never enforced you can get many bonuses from online casinos, they come with terms, conditions to abide by but never the less you are rewarded with the chance of free spins, deposit bonuses, daily promotions that reward free games and cash prizes, all free and just because you joined the casino and play. Look out for the welcome casino bonus packages as they are extremely helpful to start of betting with.

Just think, you could be playing 1500 free spins in just a matter of minutes!

We have a few recommended sites for you to gloss over, which is a resourceful guide that actually helps you playing online. We also found this professional article discussing the casino industry and how to benefit from freespin bonuses,